11 Reasons Why A Yoga and Meditation Retreat Will Change Your Life!

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“Heal your mind, body, and spirit.”

Countless times we see these words printed across the top of wellness retreat brochures, flyers, postcards, and advertisements. And even though these words are used so often, there is something to be said about this statement.  There is something to be said about working with others for an extended period of time in a combination of yoga, meditation, workshops, nature and pure inspiration.  There is something to be said about taking the time to regroup and surrounding yourself with those who see the world as you do. Wellness retreats do give you something uniquely special. These all-inclusive retreats give you a very specific taste of what it is like to “live with purpose,” live a life of wellness and identify with what will ultimately bring you joy and happiness. Personally, I have found the most profound benefits of a wellness retreat come by setting a personal, authentic intention. Here are 10 intentions that you can set before attending a yoga retreat. These intentions have changed my life and have been an important part of my own healing transformation.

1. Disconnect from technology and connect with nature! Nature takes you back to your alpha mind state, helping you really feel the earth around you and, in turn, your place in it. Nature attaches to your inner lifecycle and inspires you in ways man-made things cannot. Being outside for an extended period of time can really change your energy and vibration, and allows a space to feel gratitude for the even the smallest of things.

2. Remove yourself from current circumstances. Your friends and family can be great role models, but to transcend your circumstances, you often have to remove yourself from your current space of understanding. Being around inspirational teachers helps you actually build your own thoughts and beliefs inspired by their teachings. Often, they will become a mirror of your own weaknesses and insecurities and help you find a way past them. The interconnectivity of these people who have blazed the trail before you provides a powerful road map to guide you.

3. Spend time with incredible coaches. Having the ability to work one-on-one with great coaches – ones who inspire you and who are also working on their own purpose in incredibly powerful. Being accountable to someone else can create great shifts in your life. A good coach will praise you when you do well, encourage you when you feel hopeless, and help to point you in the right direction when you get off track. The power within you is always guiding you; just sometimes you just need a bit of help to harness it.

4. Spend time meditating and allow yourself to stop over-thinking. In a world of constant information, this might be one of the most difficult things to do; yet it is one of the most important things to learn for your well-being. Turning off all the noise, your own voice, judgments and outside perceptions for several days truly frees you. It allows yourself to open up to a sacred space of healing which results in a state of happiness and allows you to make important life decisions.

5. Positive thoughts, feelings, energy, and people! Do you ever wonder how bad things happen repeatedly to the same people? They vibrate from a level of negativity, and it inevitably brings forth a vicious cycle of more and more negative things. Surrounding yourself with ONLY people who TRULY believe in your vision and goals is a powerful space to grow and manifest your dreams. Being in this environment for a consecutive period of time will help you discover the type of relationships, friends and energy surround yourself with when you go home.

6. Heal the past. Often individuals experience profound healing and new states of awareness on retreats. There is no point in dwelling on your past; but often being an environment where you can look what you experienced briefly and have others to help you move to a place of forgiveness and gratitude can be life-altering. Retreats offer a space of compassion and love that can help propel you forward on your path.

7. Experience a space beyond current circumstances. Money, time, work, and toxic relationships can drag you down and make you feel trapped in your current reality. You have to live beyond what you have now and believe in what you can become. A wellness retreat allows you to experience this unique space disconnected from your current reality. As the Law of Attraction states, living within the mindset of the future version you helps it actually come to you!

8. Embrace fear. Retreats are a safe space to embrace your fear, harness the energy behind that fear and remove it from your life. We often feel afraid or fearful of the things about which we care most. Having others to guide around us to help us understand where the fear is coming from and move through it can create dramatic shifts in your life. For example, wellness retreats offer an opportunity to jump up into that arm balance you have been wanting to try, climb a waterfall, discuss leaving your current job or heal a fear from your childhood.

9. Deepen your yoga practice. Whether beginner or advanced yoga practitioner, all will benefit from an immersed yoga practice. On a wellness and yoga retreat, your yoga teacher is dedicated to help you find your center, balance and inner bliss. In smaller, intimate retreats, you will be guided through a personalized yoga practice that you can easily take home with you for grounding, balance and continued spiritual growth. Wellness retreats are also fantastic self-care rituals for yoga teachers! Yoga teachers have the opportunity to revive, realign, and rejuvenate over consecutive days without the distraction of teaching and preparing for classes, running in between private clients and appointments, or staying current on social media. It is the perfect opportunity to experience new environments, teachers and styles, as well as form new connections in a supportive community. This nourishing, soul-serving experience will revive you so you can return home uplifted and inspired. Your students will certainly sense the new life and vibrancy in your classes!

10. Bust through blockages. Retreat testimonials often state that individuals were able to break through blockages and limiting beliefs. Most of us carry around childhood memories, past traumas, and pain, causing severe stress that roots itself in our subconscious and manifests itself in negativity and fear. Retreats help us create a space where our conscious and sub-conscious thought patterns must become congruent so we can break through our own barriers that we set.

11. Finally make a commitment to eating healthy. Fueling your body with healthy snacks and meals prepared for you (and that actually taste good) for several days allow your body to begin to cleanse, detox and heal. As your body cleanses and detoxes, you actually re-train your brain from craving junk food to eating healthy food. Being in an environment that supports that energetically shift in your body will help you stay on track with you get home and integrate new ways of eating into your lifestyle.

After hundreds of hours of health coaching and training, I’ve learned that, without a doubt, attending a wellness retreat is one of the best things you can do to create a dramatic shift in your life. Being in an environment where you can focus and make a commitment to your well-being, can alter your life forever in the most amazing ways. As you spend several days moving closer to a “new” way of being, you are actually announcing to the Universe that you are ready to live this way permanently.

Sarah Anne Stewart

Sarah Anne coaches, writes, speaks and teaches. But most importantly she introduces individuals to the world of WELLNESS. Translation? She helps inspiring wellness warriors kick failure to the curb so they can embrace health, discover happiness, claim their badass dreams, and live their BEST possible life.

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