3 Supplements Guaranteed To Help You Through The Stress of Holiday Season

The weather is off and on, the days are shorter, and the to-do lists to ready for the winter and the holidays it brings are adding up. To make sure you enjoy the season with family and friends, here are 3 ways to beat the stress, stay positive, and keep on top of your health, all available through Lux & Eco.

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 SleepEase by Sprayology: Relieves restlessness!

Temporarily relieves the common symptoms of insomnia including: wakefulness, restlessness, emotional stress, anxiety, and caffeine sensitivity. Recommended for: those who want a natural option for better sleep with no morning grogginess. Ingredients:

  • Wakefulness: Humulus (Hops), Valeriana (Valerian)
  • Restlessness: Avena (Oats), Passiflora (Passion Flower), Zinc Metallicum
  • Emotional stress and anxiety: Chamomilla (Chamomile), Cypripedium (Lady’s Slipper), Ignatia Amara, Aquilegia, Kali Phosphoricum (Potassium Bromide)
  • Caffeine sensitivity: Chamomilla (Chamomile), Coffea Cruda (Unroasted coffee)

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Bloom by Valia: Great for dieting and digestion!

Infused with herbal extracts like Sea Bucktorn, Holy Basil, Reishi Mushroom and Mangosteen, this supplement works to boost immune functioning and support daily bodily function. Omega 7 rich, Bloom is perfect for people desiring beautiful skin. Xanthoids, rare in nature, gives Bloom its immune boosting and cell protecting characteristics. Beneficial for people experiencing bloat after eating certain foods and for those looking to reduce belly fat, Bloom encourages better fat metabolization which helps people naturally control and combat weight. Sea Buckthorn – containing of 190 active compounds – helps boosts immune health and nourishes the skin. Rich in Omega 7, a fatty acid called “Palmitoleic Acid,” it is known for its ability to support a healthy weight, cardiovascular health, and works to soothe the GI tract lining. Bacopa Extracthas been used for centuries in Ayurveda medicine and healing. This extract provides cellular protection and promotes mental capacity. It nourishes the brain, boosts the immune system, and provides support as our bodies age. This extract is essential for those looking to retain youth and vitality.

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Pure Energy by Lotus Wei: EXPERIENCE: Energy, vitality, protection, strength, powerful presence, immune system boost, gentle cleanse of environmental toxins, recharge after air travel, computer use, x-rays.

DISSOLVES: Fatigue due to computer & cell phone use, travel, or radiation; accumulation of energies that are not your own; ; vulnerability, whether physically or energetically; taking on others’ stress; feeling invisible, weak, or not clear about what you want.

AROMA: Grapefruit, Coffee, Black Pepper, Cinnamon


  • Pomegranate – Energy, light cleansing & detox, reproductive system balancing
  • Jade Flower – Chi, vitality, powerful presence, being clear about what you want
  • Red Clover – Empathetic & compassionate, but not taking on others’ stress
  • Yarrow – Protection; revitalization after computer, cell phone, travel radiation, x-rays, radiation.
  • Pink Lotus – Wisdom, insight, spiritual understanding.

GEMSTONE: Black Tourmaline – Protects you from energetic saturation of energies not your own.


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