4 Daily Mantras to Raise Your Vibration

What was your first thought when reading this title? “I want to learn something new!” “What’s a mantra?” “Do I have time to reads this?” “Can you really raise your vibration with words?”

It’s amazing how many opinions and judgments run through our minds and our subconscious on a daily basis. The question is: how much of your inner-dialog is actually affecting your life? Our thoughts may be silent, but they often have a very loud impact. If it’s true we are the master creators of our own lives, are your thoughts in line with your highest good?

Practice these 4 daily mantras to raise those positive vibes:

My heart is open.

When you’re walking around with a shielded heart, how can you expect love to enter? It’s not easy to bounce back from a broken heart, but part of the healing process if accepting your state of vulnerability. Once you gently let down that wall and send out vibes of positivity and receptivity, that’s exactly what you’ll get in return.

Roll the shoulders back broadening through the collarbone to find openness in the chest. Deepen your breath and create expansion in the ribs and abdomen. Then, imagine a ball of light expanding out from your heart’s center. When you find yourself getting lost in thought, keep coming back to this powerful heart-opening practice.

l release all things out of my control.

When we’re trying too hard to control everything, the best thing we can do is: let go. Only then do we create space for change to manifest. What we resist persists. If you’re focusing too much on lack, more lack is what you will attract. If you live in negativity about your relationship, more negative situations will occur. When you learn to step into a place of non-attachment to these circumstances, it gives you the power to refocus your control on remaining open to the life you love.

This is one of the hardest for those of us who like to be in control. If that’s you, repeat this mantra over and over again until you feel like you can build trust, walk away from something that no longer serves you, and begin to move forward. Sometimes we think we know what’s best for us, but the Universe has an even bigger plan.

Everything in my life is unfolding for my highest good.

Whenever you need to make a big decision or you’re feeling anxious, repeat the above mantra – I promise you, it will work miracles. When things aren’t going as planned, we tend to feel like the whole world is against us and play the roll of victim. But what if you trusted that each situation is happening to bring you closer to your highest good? It may not seem that way at times, but every decision has a consequence and the good news is: you can always chose and chose again. Losing your job may seem like a nightmare, but maybe it’s your window to finally focus on that one thing you love to create. Next time something has you feeling down, try turning negativity into curiosity.

Just when you feel like all odds are against you, remember this mantra. You may not know why something frustrating is happening in the present moment, but there is meaning behind most events, which become relevant later in your journey.

I choose to be present in all that I do.

If you’re constantly revisiting past conditionings or planning your evening, week, month or entire future, you miss the opportunities and signals happening right in front of you. That man you just passed while looking at your phone? Could be your husband. The yoga studio you walked right by? Could change your life. And the woman you locked eyes with for a moment on the train? She may have an important message for you. Often, it isn’t until we create more awareness of our surroundings that we become aligned on our path.

If your thoughts begin telling a story about what your future should look like in five years or you catch yourself revisiting a negative memory from your childhood, say the word ‘thinking’ to yourself and come back to the breath. This exercise helps with returning to the present moment, which is always the most important moment. When you are fully present in all that you do – washing the dishes, eating dinner or giving a presentation – you’ll start to see everything that truly matters is happening right now.

Ashley Rose Howard

Ashley Rose Howard is a New York City based writer and yoga instructor. Her work has appeared in various fitness, wellness, and lifestyle magazines and websites.

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