5 Benefits of Cypress Essential Oil You Don’t Know About

Essential oils have numerous purposes, and they’re widely known for their health benefits. Throughout the history, people who practiced medicine would make essential oils from different herbs, plants, and flowers to treat a wide array of diseases and ailments. Even today these oils pose as a popular way of improving overall health and wellbeing in a natural manner thus being ideal for individuals who follow the holistic approach to wellness. Cypress essential oil is no exception. It is associated with many benefits that may even surprise you. To find out more about these benefits, keep reading the article.

What is Cypress essential oil?

Cypress oil comes from the Mediterranean cypress or Cupressus Sempervirens, which is native to countries in Mediterranean region. It’s widely present in Italy, Croatia, Albania, Bosnia, Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, Northern Egypt, Israel, Malta but it’s also widely cypress oil, cypress, aura, aura cacia, organiccultivated in France, Spain, and Morocco.

The botanical name for cypress tree, actually means, ever-living and the tree was mentioned in many literature and artworks where it symbolized death. In Egypt, it’s used as wood for coffins, while in the United States and France, cypress trees are usually planted in graveyards.  

Besides its negative symbolism in art and literature, cypress essential oil is very lively and invigorating. It is something you have to use, in case you don’t already do it. Cypress oil is greenish or yellowish and has a mesmerizing, fresh, herbaceous, and woody scent. Also, besides Cupressus Sempervirens, other species of cypress used to produce the essential oils include Monterey cypress native to Monterey Bay in California, Portuguese cypress, and Arizona cypress.

You’re probably wondering, what benefits do you can get from this essential oil? 

  1. Heals wounds and infections

Cypress essential oil has antiseptic properties due to the presence of camphene. What makes this essential oil special is the fact it can treat both externals, and internal wounds, thus speed up your recovery by preventing infections at the same time. A study published in the Complementary & Alternative Medicine discovered that cypress oil also contains antimicrobial properties that inhibited the growth of test bacteria. Scientists concluded the study pointing out that Cypress oil’s properties make it suitable for usage as a preservative in food or as an ingredient in the pharmaceutical industry.

  1. Detoxifies your body

Cypress oil has diuretic properties thus helping your body to flush out toxins. The oil also has a potential to increase perspiration and sweat which allows your body to get rid of excess water and salt. This is also beneficial for your skin, particularly if you deal with acne breakouts.

Detoxifying properties of cypress oil also extend to liver cleansing and lowering LDL (bad) cholesterol levels naturally. National Product Research published results of the study conducted by National Research Center in Cairo wherein scientists showed that isolated compounds in cypress essential oil showed protectiveness activity. Findings of this study indicate that cypress oil contains antioxidant compounds that get rid of excess toxins and inhibit free radical scavenging.

  1. Promotes blood clotting

This marvelous essential oil has astringent and hemostatic properties which give it the ability to stop over blood flow and promote blood clotting. Cypress oil contracts your blood vessels thus stimulating blood flow and promoting contraction of the skin, muscles, gums, and hair follicles. Due to hemostatic properties, Cypress oil has the tremendous potential not only to promote blood circulation throughout our body but also to improve blood clotting when we need it. These two qualities work together to heal sores, wounds, reduce heavy menstrual flow, etc.

  1. Natural deodorant

If you’re not a fan of store-bought deodorants that contain harmful chemicals and harsh ingredients which irritate your skin, cypress oil may be the thing you need. With this herbaceous, clean, and relaxing scent this essential oil acts as a natural deodorant. Plus, its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties will prevent the growth of bacteria and neutralize body odor.

  1. Relieves anxiety

Cypress essential oil has sedative effects that induce relaxing and calm feeling when used topically or aromatically. This oil has energizing properties, as well, which is why it stimulates the feeling of ease and happiness. These characteristics are particularly beneficial for individuals who are under a tremendous emotional stress or people who deal with anxiety, trauma, and shock.

How to use it

  • Inhale of vaporizing it through diffuser to relax your mind
  • Use it as a massage oil to address asthma, types of arthritis, cramps, varicose veins, etc.
  • Add it to your favorite lotion or cream
  • Pour a few drops into a bath etc.


Cypress essential oil is associated with a wide array of health benefits including promoted blood clotting, body detox, healing wounds, cuts, and infections and many others. If you don’t currently use this oil, hopefully this article motivated you to do so.

To purchase cypress oil, please visit Lux & Eco. For more information about cypress oil please view here or here. If you’re interested in beauty oils, this educational video is a great step by step guide.


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