5 Health Tips Experts Don’t Want You to Know

Most of us rely on outsiders for health tips due to their experience in their respective fields. Having a helping hand in making lifestyle changes is not a bad thing since there is no fast-track to getting rid of obesity and becoming a better version of yourself. However, if you get stuck with an “expert” who doesn’t care about your best interests, then your health goals won’t be easy to achieve.

The irony is, today there are numerous best-selling fitness related books, plenty of workout tutorials on YouTube, a plethora of competent personal trainers, yet a lot of people have eating habits that they are not proud of and bodies that they are ashamed of having. How is this fact within the realm of logic? How can we have a much better access to information as opposed to a couple of decades back, yet not be able to achieve what we want to? Could it be true that the person you rely on for tips isn’t sincere to you after all?

Enlisted below are some tips that experts don’t want you to know because they have a hunch that if you get to know about these pointers, then they might be out of business.


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1. In addition to going to going to the gym, you need a diet that complements your workout

For a person, to battle the bulge making a lifestyle change is essential. Showing up at the gym every once in a while is not solely going to help you reach your goals.

Usually, people, who need encouragement to show up at the gym and a predefined set of targets, opt for a personal trainer. They do get a lot of help from their personal trainers to make that last rep but what they don’t get is someone to assist them in planning out their meals accordingly. That is a common shortcoming of most experts. The clients of those personal trainers need to be well-informed so that they can be clever about what they consume.

Unfortunately many gym-goers even after their hard work and hours of breaking the sweat at the gym are obese due to this lack of direction.

2. They too have cheat days

The experts that you look up to may not necessarily practice what they preach. Now they might not suggest you to have the same kind of food that they consume but if you think they make wiser food choices than you then you need to think again. Those experts are only human beings, and they too are concerned about what their clients would think about them, so they end up hiding such details.

3. You can’t get rid of fat from a particular body part

Everyone’s body typically has a different way of keeping fat so if you want to target a certain part of your body and lose fat from it then you will have to get really lean overall before you achieve that goal. You want to start off with low-intensity training and let your body get accustomed to the modification you will be making in your lifestyle before you switch to intense workout plans.

4. Workouts don’t shed as many calories as you think

One of the biggest problems that come in the way of our workout goals is that we don’t comprehend how many calories exactly we are burning by going to the gym and then how many calories we are ingesting later on.

If a person exercises for 30 minutes and burns up to 450 to 500 calories and then treats himself to a piece of cheesecake later that consists of 500 calories then he’s only breaking even by working out. If he doesn’t cut back on eating such foods, his efforts won’t pay off.

5. To get those abs, you need proper nutrition

Your upbeat and focused trainer might not have told you that in order to achieve the abs that you desire; you need a proper diet plan that enhances the effect of your workout. Pretty much everyone has a six pack, but we need to shed the fat if we want to show them off.

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