5 Organic Cleaning Products For A Healthy Home

When we work to live a clean and healthy life, we usually start by making positive changes to our lifestyle, but where we really need to focus is: within the household. Ridding your home of pollutants is just as important as clearing our bodies of toxins. So, is your house aligned with your health?

Gather your household cleaning products, accessories and kitchenware to look for possible hazardous chemicals, and then try these 5 organic cleaning products to upgrade your home healthy:

Purchase Organic Detergents

Many of the chemicals that are used in commercially branded laundry detergents like petrochemicals, chlorine, sulfates, parabens and other nasties have no real purpose in keeping our clothes clean; they’re merely added so that our clothes will appear whiter or brighter. Over time, exposure to these chemicals can cause allergies to laundry detergents. And the real danger is when these chemicals start seeping into our skin through our clothes and sheets on a daily basis. Try investing in some of these more natural options.

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Ditch The Nonstick Pans

The nonstick and Teflon cookware you’re using is toxin-laced, coated with a synthetic polymer called polytetrafluoroetheylene. When you breathe kitchen air polluted with fumes from overheated Teflon, you’re at risk for developing flu-like symptoms otherwise known as “Teflon flu.” Although nonstick pots and pans are more convenient to clean, you may want to strongly consider switching to long-lasting cast iron versions for the sake of your health.

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Use Non-Synthetic Soaps/Cleaners

Familiar brand name household cleaning products sold at your local pharmacies and grocery stores are a major source of toxins. When you use cleaners full of chemicals you’re not only polluting the air you breathe, but also poisoning your body, as they’re easily absorbed through the skin and senses. To cut exposure, purchase inexpensive, non-synthetic cleaning products or make your own using lemon juice, baking soda, tea tree oil and vinegar. Find recipes here.

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Burn Soy/Beeswax Candles

Many canned, synthetic sprays, plug-ins and paraffin candles contain chemicals that are linked to increased breast cancer risk. Instead of filling your home with respiratory irritants, freshen your space with more natural aromas like candles made from soy wax or beeswax that don’t require chemicals to scent them. Most of these organic candles are made from vegetable oil scented with essential oils and they also burn 50% longer than regular candles!

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Bring In Air Purifying Plants

What could be better for purifying your air than something once rooted in the earth? Certain indoor plants work to naturally remove formaldehyde and other indoor air pollutants, such as benzene and xylene (these are components of gasoline exhaust that can migrate indoors). The five best air-purifying plants are: Boston ferns, palm tress, English ivy, peace lily and golden pothos.

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Ashley Rose Howard

Ashley Rose Howard is a New York City based writer and yoga instructor. Her work has appeared in various fitness, wellness, and lifestyle magazines and websites.

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  2. In fact, The National Poisons Information Service in Britain recommends parents keep the cleaning products just as securely locked up as the alcohol.

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