5 Ways to Discover Your Meditation Practice

Meditation is an ancient relaxation technique inducing a mode of consciousness proven to help create more awareness and mindfulness in our everyday lives. This practice is all about letting go and connecting inwards. When you dedicate time to relax and listen to your inner voice, you start to discover your true purpose. Not sure where to start when it comes to finding silence? Here are 5 ways to create your meditation practice.

Be consistent. It’s less about the amount of time you meditate and more about the consistency of doing it everyday. Even if you sit for just 3 minutes each day, a positive shift will begin to take effect over time. Start by dedicating a few minutes each morning and evening to find stillness and create a safe space – even if it’s a pillow in the corner of a room – where you can go to quiet the mind and find calm.

Join a class. If you’re new to meditation, sitting on a cushion alone with your own thoughts can seem somewhat daunting. Try researching local Shambhala or Buddhist centers and join a guided meditation class. These centers offer experienced instructors who are trained in creating a safe space for finding your inner voice. It’s also a great way to surround yourself with like-minded people so you feel less alone on the journey of self-exploration.

Go digital. With technology and social media on the rise, it’s no wonder so many meditation applications are popping up. Most of these helpful apps provide the tools to deepen your practice whether it’s through music, chanting or guided meditation instruction. There’s also the convenience of accessing them anytime, anywhere!

Create intention. There is no rule that says sitting cross-legged on the floor in silence is the only way to practice meditation. There are many other traditional forms including visualization, energizing, breathing and mantra. Creating an intention for your practice is key to determining which method of meditation you should try. If you’re working on getting a new job, perhaps visualization practice is best or if you’re trying to get more grounded, focus on following the breath.

Move mindfully. Have you ever considered your favorite workout a moving meditation? Guess what: it can be. When you’re fully present in the motion of mindful movement like yoga, swimming or cycling you’re working to reduce stress and focus the mind, which is exactly what meditation provides. If you’re not connected to a specific sport or physical activity, walking meditations are equally transformative. Just remember, there’s no rush when you’re on the journey of discovering your purpose.

Ashley Rose Howard

Ashley Rose Howard is a New York City based writer and yoga instructor. Her work has appeared in various fitness, wellness, and lifestyle magazines and websites.

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