7 Steps in the Recruitment of Happiness

This thing, this psychological dilemma for some, a familiar facade for others, or maybe it’s a feeling as familiar as worn in shoes, has been and will always be the core of our drive. It is the point, the punch line, the derivative of love. If we as humans have anything in common at all, it is that we all seek this.

  1. Be present. Whether you’re driving to work, running down a trail, or sharing a meal with your partner, be present. Be completely there mentally. Feel the sun warm your shoulders, feel the breath leave your lungs, and feel the authenticity of a voice. Make eye contact. In the end, worrying about something that hasn’t happened yet or mulling over something in the past only deprives you of the memory you’re experiencing in that moment.
  2. Be grateful. When you have to sit down at the end of the day to do homework, know that there are many people who have been robbed of their right to an education. When you’re sitting in traffic dreading your workday maybe you notice the homeless man that has been posted on the same corner for three weeks. Our hot showers, our roofs, our 2am pizza splurges, our closet of blankets, our touchscreen this and that’s, are all privileges.
  3. Keep growing. It seems as though as a society, we are always striving to make our lives as simple as possible; either through the assistance of technology, drive-thrus, short cuts, or our girl Ciri. The embracement of this mentality can cause us to forget to deliberately seek out challenges. When it comes to happiness we need to feel like we’re progressing in our lives: the battle against complacency. This could be done through going back to school, adopting a new sport, growing within your yoga practice, learning how to cook something other than scrambled eggs, perfecting your hula hoop skills, finally booking that trip, or strengthening the love in your relationship.
  4. Baby steps. When it comes to adopting healthy habits just pick one thing to change or improve. Don’t overwhelm yourself with an entire lifestyle flip overnight. Drink more water, stop taking the elevator, incorporate one vegetable into every meal, or try a non-dairy alternative. Feeling like you’re doing good for your body, even if it’s just a little bit can help to boost your well-being as well as your overall happiness. Baby steps, people.
  5. Always give strangers the benefit of the doubt. We’ve all waited in line at the grocery store and the person in front of us won’t stop chatting with the cashier, they’re holding up the whole line. It may not be likely but it is possible that this person has nobody to talk to in their life and this is the only social interaction they’ll see throughout their entire day. So relax, and assume they’ve got it rougher than you do.
  6. Forgive. Let go of any resentment you’re holding against someone else. You’re not approving of what they did, but rather accepting that it happened. Don’t leave room in your soul for hatred. Let go, and make room for love.
  7. Speak with loving intention. The trash talking and gossiping is very easy to be lured into. All that’s created is negative energy and the reflections of our own insecurities are exposed. “Dark waters mimic mirrors. Be careful who you see yourself in.” It’s easy to see the flaws, it takes a happier and more secure person to see the goodness.

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Katie Reed

Katie Reed is a yoga instructor who lives in the small mountain town of Flagstaff, Arizona. She advocates for sustainable agriculture through her yoga classes and explores ways to lessen her footprint on our planet. As a human, as a soul, Katie seeks to find the beauty in all things and asks others to join her as she explores happiness, health, and life.

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