Animal House: Cruelty Free “Taxidermy”

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Welcome to the zoo at Phillips!   If you love animals as much as we do, then you know there’s no need to hang dead animals on your wall.  Phillips Collection helps you show your love and appreciation of the animal kingdom in a more whimsical way.   Their designers have been hard at work creating herds and schools of chic, modern, no maintenance pets.  And as always, Phillips brings high style – high impact without breaking the bank.


Inspired by Francois Xavier Lalanne, bring the outdoors in with these resin sheep and bhaaaaaaaaaask in their glory.


Who needs to troll all day for fish when you can just pick up the phone and order from Phillips?  Save that sunny time for a beach, a hammock and a cold margarita.

Great Danes

Here’s our fellow Design Camper enjoying a ride on a larger than life Great Dane.


Starfish and Crocs and Rhinos – OH MY!

Rhino Girls

We couldn’t help ourselves!  We had to kiss these funny wrinkled faces, and we’re not talking about ours!


Really, we’re all just a bunch of animals.


Now this is REALLY hypoallergenic!

Impreial Bull

Take no bull!  Except this one, which is pretty amazing.

You HAVE to check out what’s going on at Phillips.  The collections at High Point Market amused, delighted and surprised us. If you want to smile too, check out the latest on their Instagram Account @PhillipsCo

Stay tuned next week when we talk about the latest and greatest in Outdoor from Phillips!

Lori Dennis

Lori Dennis is a top Interior Designer, speaker, best selling author, custom furniture designer, celebrity and star of HGTV's "The Real Designing Women." She specializes in sustainable, green and high-end, luxury design. With offices in Los Angeles, New York and Miami, the firm considers national and international projects.

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