I love breaking a sweat. I am a huge fan of kick boxing, cycling, boot camp, and power yoga. But one of my favorite, modern-day sweat sessions, to rid our bodies of toxins, involves not working out, but instead sitting in an infrared sauna. Frequent visits to an infrared sauna can slowly restore skin elimination, which can help reduce your toxic load quite significantly. But not only will it help rid your body of heavy metals and chemicals, it will also help kill off viruses and other microbes—research has shown that infrared sauna treatments can even ward off cancerous cells. Some of the most well-known integrative health centers and cancer healing centers such as the Hippocrates Health Institute, use an infrared sauna as part of their treatment protocol. Through therapies such as colonics, lymphatic massage, and infrared saunas, we can really clear the gunk trapped in our bodies on a cellular level.


The primary natural source of far infrared radiation is the sun. However, sunlight also contains other types of radiation which is not so good for us and may damage the skin with prolonged and repeated exposure. Using an infrared sauna has the benefits of sun exposure without the UV damage that can cause skin to prematurely age. Far infrared therapies are used all over the world (for example, hospitals use far infrared in incubators to keep babies warm and NASA has used far infrared to warm their astronauts in space) and have been studied extensively for several decades.

Far Infrared Sauna Health Benefits:

1. Speeds up metabolism.
2. Increases detoxification.
3. Improves cardiovascular system.
4. Relieves pain (great for achy muscles, joints)
5. Aids in weight loss and removal of cellulite.
6. Benefits skin (great for acne, eczema, psoriasis, rough skin).
7. Removes heavy metal toxicity, including mercury and lead poisoning.
8. Strengthens immune system.

Still nervous about what you should expect during and after each sauna session?

You may not start sweating until a few minutes into your session – but some people will actually sweat from beginning to end. Eventually, everyone sweats and sweats a lot. It’s a very clean-feeling sweat, where you actually leave your session feeling refreshed, not at all like how you’d feel after a Bikram yoga class. Each infrared sauna treatment burns close to 400 calories.  And, it’s effortless! At the conclusion of your treatment, place a cool eucalyptus towel on your forehead and chest to help your body temperature normalize. Sit for a bit just in case you become dizzy. It is very, very important to fully hydrate for the rest of the day with clean, purified water.

I love infrared sauna treatments because I feel like I am really sweating out what no longer serves me on a cellular level. I love leaving each treatment feeling relaxed, renewed, rejuvenated and very calm.

To sweating out all the bad + breathing in the good,

Sarah Anne

Sarah Anne Stewart

Sarah Anne coaches, writes, speaks and teaches. But most importantly she introduces individuals to the world of WELLNESS. Translation? She helps inspiring wellness warriors kick failure to the curb so they can embrace health, discover happiness, claim their badass dreams, and live their BEST possible life.

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