DIY Natural Bath Bomb

Homemade bath bombs not only make for the perfect DIY gift idea but, they also save you money and allow you to use your own organic ingredients. From the comfort of your own kitchen, you can customize your recipe based on scent, color, shape, skin types, and add your own natural ingredients. The best part is that you can add organic essential oils to your ingredient list which, are known to provide a variety of health benefits. Your relaxing night in the tub just got that much better! So, you might be wondering how to make these natural DIY bath bombs?

To help you create a natural, homemade gift unlike any other, ProFlowers put together a guide featuring essential ingredients, step-by-step instructions and a handful of DIY bath bomb recipes for you to customize to your liking. Whether you’re looking to add a refreshing citrus oil to help jump start your day or a more comforting essential oil like lavender or vanilla, you are sure to find a recipe you’ll love and you can even use oils you have on hand. It’s time to get out your organic essential oils and give the gift of relaxation, perfect for Mother’s Day which is coming up quick. There’s nothing like a gift made with love and after you see the finished product, you might even have to save one for yourself too!


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