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Stand in My Shoes
Stand in My Shoes

The global empathy social change film “Stand in My Shoes” announced today a US-Australian coproduction with Virgin Produced, the film and television arm of Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Group.

Stand In My Shoes is a crowd-fuelled social change film that exposes what President Barack Obama has coined as the “empathy deficit” in our world. The film will examine new scientific research confirming our 24/7 technology driven culture may be creating an empathy deficient generation ill–equipped to deal with world problems, despite being increasingly connected.

The film will also follow socially conscious film-makers, Anna Reeves, Vivienne Somers and Elizabeth Nakano as they campaign to “make a stand for understanding” by collecting 100,000 shoes of “social revolutionaries” who are fighting to create a more compassionate world in the 21st century, in doing so they expose the looming crisis of an empathy lacking culture.

“We are thrilled to join the ‘Stand In My Shoes’ team on this unique project. We were immediately struck by the timeliness of this topic, the creativity, talent and strength of the founders, and their innovative approach to the subject matter. It’s not often that a film has the power to create a movement; we believe ‘Stand in My Shoes’ has that ability. ” said Virgin Produced’s Chief Creative Officer Justin Berfield and Head of Production Huntley Ritter in a joint statement.

“We couldn’t have asked for a more ideal production partner.  Virgin Produced understood what we want to do with the film and its outreach, on a global scale. It’s exciting for us to have such a forward thinking partner on board who share our goals for this film.” said Executive Producer, Anna Reeves.

In addition to Virgin Produced, Stand in My Shoes has already garnered significant support from corporate groups across the World. As part of a collective of businesses dedicated to the promotion of empathic leadership, key supporters include: social impact investment funder  Small Giants and worldwide business network Conscious Capitalism and online eco-sales store Lux & Eco. Helping expand the Project’s reach will be new Education Outreach Partners: Science & Education Centre for Empathy  & Compassion and Hope-2o with access to 37 million children worldwide.

Stand in My Shoes is slated for premiere in 2014, and will have a multi-platform online release with planned theatrical release in both Australia (via innovative Distribution house  Titan View) and the US simultaneously.


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