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Fashion trends come and go in waves – movements, eras. While some trends make a comeback and others pop up spontaneously, one pattern will always be consistent: fashion as the ultimate luxury. Clothing as a commodity will never go out of style, but what we choose and also desire to wear is constantly evolving. To keep up we are expected to periodically consume by the masses, and then dispose. This evokes vivid images of fabrics piling up and factories working at the speed of light to produce the latest and greatest. And at this point it is no secret that the natural resources we make clothing out of – no matter how sound their manufacturing – are running out faster than the trends are changing. Using these simple concepts and principles of retail and fashion, and with the goal of making fashion timeless in all its forms, luxury designers are now calling for a new kind of movement where the focus is now just as much on what makes the clothing as what makes the look on the runway.

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Meet the mastermind behind this new movement – this trend of ethical and sustainable luxury fashion – and his mission to market and consult this trend that can be – that should be – incorporated throughout the industry. Harvey Russack, an eco-commerce pioneer who made a name for himself back in NYC circa 1973 after launching Unique Clothing Warehouse and partnering with Macy’s Herald Square, is the CEO of TheGreenShows and is now also a Lux&Eco partner! What TGS brings to the city known for high-fashion trends ahead of the rest of the runway world is an “Eco Fashion Week”. Here, designers dedicated to ethical practices throughout the entire garment manufacturing process are showcased as being comparable to the other conventional luxury designers featured in NYFW.


In anticipation for our own involvement with the company and in preparation for the February 2014 TGS at Mercedez-Benz Fashion Week, we take a look back at Harvey’s show from last year, where visual evidence proved that sustainability has a place in the luxury world. With more artists like the ones who dazzled the TGS runways last year and in upcoming 2014, we can move towards an era where sustainability is the ultimate luxury. The 8 eco-designers (United Bamboo, Bamboo by United Bamboo, H. Fredriksson, Study NY, The Battalion, Luis Valenzuela, Ajna, Artists & Revolutionaries) and the artists behind the jewelry and accessories paired with each ensemble in the show all work with the mentality of an environmental/social entrepreneur. The clothing is all made in safe environments where the health and well-being of each employee is guaranteed. This means fair wages, standard hours and using local, fair-traded materials that are sustainably extracted from nature and safe to handle, even their bi-products. Everything is made to order, guaranteeing the least amount of waste and reversing the dangerous pattern of mass production, plus ensuring each item is unique. Check out last year’s successful TGS and mark your calendar for TGS at Fashion Week ’14!

The GreenShows is the premier marketing and consulting company dedicated to the future of ethical and sustainable luxury fashion. The Company has identified a sizable target market of well educated, affluent shoppers who want to buy beautifully designed fashion, produced ethically and sustainably, crafted for lasting value, and leaving minimal waste.” – TGS Mission Statement 

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H Fredrikson‘s line was designed to combine art, culture, and consciousness. The vivacity of city life in New York, where the clothing is locally made, with an intentional touch of the designer’s Scandinavian background visually come through in the clothing’s natural patterns, making this collection a marriage between two senses of environment. 

Study NY owner Tara St. James hopes to stress the importance of local material sourcing and community through her work, collaborating with multiple efforts to bridge the gap between education and design including Awamaki Lab and The Uniform Project.

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Luis Valenzuela uses his expertise as an entrepreneur and inherent passion for living art to bring forth collections that encourage the celebration of nature and evoke discussions on the current state of its resources that are used in fashion through avante garde pieces that come alive.


John-Michael’s label Artists & Revolutionaries features pieces made entirely of re-purposed and organic materials including wool, leather, cashmere, and cotton. His Parisian background reveals a modern look with a concept that relies on recycled trends. 

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Allison Beauregard

Allison is a New York City based writer with a focus on sustainability. Her work demonstrates how it is possible to have the “things” that make us happy without compromising the resources that provide these goods. With this vision, Allison sees a future where environmental degradation is reversed and the quality of human life is equally distributed. She is the Category Editor of The Franklin Report and was among the top 5 contributors for Elephant Journal in October 2014.

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