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By Claudia Patrignani, originally posted on Eco Fashion World

 Joe Komodo says, “I wanna save the world, I just make clothes.” Never more than today, after cries for help have been engraved on high street labels’ garments, has their been such a need to say this statement loud and clear.

The Komodo label came to life in the Summer of 1988 in Bali. It is considered to be one of the pioneers of ethical fashion but they do not consider themselves as some kind of ethical warriors trying to make fashion. They are a Fashion Lifestyle brand first and at the same time, they do their best to be as ethical as they can be.


Komodo started selling their goods in a stall on Camden Market. The company still stays true to its original values, still in Camden, still working with many of the family run factories in Bali and Kathmandu that they started out with and sourcing organic and ethically manufactured products. The process of making sustainable fashion is a common practice at Komodo. The fabrics they use include: Cotton, Hemp, Soya, Linen, Bamboo and Recycled Rubber. The result is a spectacular range of colors and textures, and clothing that is a grand pleasure to wear. Komodo proudly exalts, “It is going to look good across the crowded room with the best ethical fabric you can find, with a little bit of technology this is the way we cook it.”

Since the beginning of their business, ethics has been a priority in their choice of materials, in the method of manufacture, and in that the people involved at every step of the process are treated with respect. Komodo enforces a code of conduct for respect of workers in their factories, which strictly refuses the use of child labor or forced labor, mandate the adherence of Health and Safety regulations, and demands the respect of worker’s rights.


Komodo is certified by ISO 14001 for its environmental business practices – such as use of natural resources, energy and waste disposal – and GOTS certified, which means that high standards are maintained for suitable chemical use and water consumption policies during production.

Joe Komodo blogs to constantly tell the ever-evolving story of the label. The post from August 22 includes some amazing pictures of their Katmandu factory, which allow us to see and feel closer to the artisans behind their products and to follow the path of the garments that we love and wear. Today, I proudly wear my favorite Komodo dress!

Claudia Patrignani is a true European Citizen. She was born in Italy, she lived and worked in France for five years and now she lives in London. She works in an art gallery, is a blogger and used to be the manager of a well known charity organization promoting a more sustainable way of life and developing projects in Africa, Asia and South America. Claudia is a real worshiper of the Three R’s of the environment: REDUCE, RECYCLE and REUSE; stir all of this together with a passion for vintage and Scandinavian design and the result is a warm and personal style. She appreciates the art of fashion and wholeheartedly believes Gandhi’s words: “In a gentle way we can shake the world.”

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