Going Green? My Favorite Plants to Buy for Your Home

Hi Sweet Friends,

In a world starting to take strides to improve the environment, we are constantly hearing about the newest trend, “going green.”

We work so hard in yoga and meditation to become aware of, and take control of, our breath, but how often do you think about what we’re actually breathing into our bodies? Instead of buying expensive air purifiers, fill your house with green plants that filter your air naturally!

Breath is so important, it is what brings us life when we are first born, and it’s the driving factor in energizing and calming our bodies. A study by the University of California-Davis found that, on average, we breathe a little over 10 liters of air per minute; that’s about 14,400 liters a of air going in and out of our bodies every day. Add in some mild exercise and that number more than triples. That’s A LOT OF AIR, so it’s important that we breathe in the best air!

I am psyched that NASA research has shown that green and flowering plants can remove several toxic chemicals from the air. Through its own natural photosynthetic process, one plant can purify up of 100 square feet of toxins, taking in toxins like formaldehyde, benzene, and carbon monoxide and releasing fresh oxygen! Bringing these greens inside your body zap blood pressure, stress-hormone levels, and clean up indoor air pollution, stripping common allergens from the air you breathe. Using plants as purifiers is great for reducing our carbon footprint, and they add a beautiful touch to your summer décor.

I opt for hard-to-kill varieties such as aloe vera and peace lilies, which are not only excellent air cleaners, but thrive even if I forget to water them in between yoga and wellness coaching appointments.

According to NASA, the best air purifying plants are Aloe Vera, Bamboo Palm, Chinese Evergreen, English Ivy, Gerbera Daisy, Pot Mum, and Peace Lily. You can find always these plants in my sanctuary.

Aloe Vera Plant. Not only does Aloe clean your air, but it is also the perfect plant to keep around this summer! After a long day of beach volleyball and surfing, I love to break off a piece of aloe and squeeze out the gel to soothe my skin and extend my sunkissed glow – and don’t worry, the plant will grow back!

English Ivy. English Ivy is one of the best plants to grow indoors because it has impeccable air filtering abilities. When it comes to absorbing formaldehyde, a dangerous toxin for our clean bodies, English Ivy is a pro. The best part is that this air filtering plant is super easy to grow. I love it because it doesn’t need too much TLC, so I don’t need to call in the plant sitters when I jet-set to my next retreat.

enlgish Ivy'

Peace Lily. This beautiful flower is another wonderful low-maintenance plant that will keep your air free from lurking chemicals. Peace lilies can survive well in shade and cooler temperatures. I love them because they help to reduce the levels of mold spores that grow on shower tiles and curtains. I place one of these beauties in our bathroom to keep mildew at bay!

Peace Lily

Bamboo Palm. The lovely palm is effective at clearing out benzene and trichloroethylene, chemicals you definitely don’t need to breathe into your pristine body. Well watered and placed in shade or indirect sunlight, they’ll flourish and intensify the serenity in your home.

Gerbera Daisy. Gerbera daisies continue to release oxygen all through the night to help you breath and sleep soundly. For this reason, gerbera daisies are especially helpful for those suffering from sleep apnea or breathing disorders. These daisies will have you dozing off in no time!

Gerbera Daisy

This weekend, head out to your local farmer’s market or garden shop and pick up some plants to incorporate into your own personal sanctuary. Viva la green!

Lots of love,  

Sarah Anne

Sarah Anne Stewart

Sarah Anne coaches, writes, speaks and teaches. But most importantly she introduces individuals to the world of WELLNESS. Translation? She helps inspiring wellness warriors kick failure to the curb so they can embrace health, discover happiness, claim their badass dreams, and live their BEST possible life.

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