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This is a very informative video on how stress (other factors too) produce obesity.  Dr. Berg does a great job outlining the holistic process to losing weight in sustainable manner, for good.  I wish someone showed me this video when I first started out, because it helps to answer the mystery of why you gained weight in the first place, and can help give you the understanding to learn how to fix the problem for yourself.  Oh, and Dr. Berg’s solution is not through hardcore exercise or calorie deprivation.  Definitely worth a look to all newcomers!


Steven Waddell

After enduring a near-death experience, Steven has embarked on a journey of physical, emotional and mental recovery. A weight loss of over 100 pounds, a complete overhaul of an isolated social life, a discovery of the holistic world, and the development of a career path that celebrates it all can be found on his blog.

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