“Green” Hunting?

WARNING: Images below contain graphic content of animal cruelty. However, we cannot sensor the truth. Scroll only if you can accept this.

The one refreshing outcome from the latest in viral news – that a 19-year-old college cheerleader from Texas named Kendall Jones is public enemy number one for the endangered species of Africa – is that it is sparking some intelligent conversation, which controversial issues often lack.

Without preaching or digging too deep, I will assertively say that  I, along with the others associated with this blog, do not in any way support Kendall’s behavior. But I do want to stay on the surface of the issue, literally. It is a fact that Kendall is being sponsored to hunt and kill some of the largest and most threatened species on this planet, including lions, elephants, and rhinos. It’s also a fact that hunting is a recognized and legal sport, and one that many people enjoy.

Animal rights supporters are disgusted with Kendall’s actions, many just as angered as they are perplexed. ‘How could you kill these majestic creatures?’ they want to know. Kendall has replied claiming that she believes her hunting has many societal and environmental benefits. She states that since these animals, though living within conservatories, will always act on their innate instincts to hunt one another, she is helping control the population. Kendall also believes that she is alleviating the struggle for animals that likely wont’ survive anyways. Finally, being a hunter, she feels that if the animal is consumed, then the killing is justified, and claims her hunting helps support local communities.

I’ll let you decide for yourself who’s helping the endangered species population. What I have a problem with, and where I see the phoniness in her arguments, is in the physical evidence that Kendall broadcasts herself: the now infamous Facebook photos of her and the “prize.” In each she’s holding, even embracing, the animal that she just killed – with a satisfied grin on her face. Not the look of a compassionate animal lover worried about population control. Not the face of someone who understands and respects the life they just took. But the winner of a game. One image that stuck with me the most is of Kendall gleaming as she holds the head of a lion…you can see the look of pain and fear on the animal’s face still. There is absolutely no way that her actions are carried out with an ounce of empathy or respect, and her face says it all.  Her smile says that a million Facebook likes and a paycheck have her fooling even herself. And that, to me, is enough to say Kendall is wrong and must be stopped. Her pictures alone settle the argument, and not in her favor. What do you think? Share your opinions here!

Below are images originally taken from Kendall’s Facebook page, which sparked this latest controversy.

Kendall Jones 1
Photo courtesy of Elite Daily
Kendall Jones 2
Photo courtesy of Elite Daily
Kendall Jones 3
Photo courtesy of Elite Daily
Kendall Jones 4
Photo courtesy of Elite Daily
Kendall Jones 5
Photo courtesy of Elite Daily

If you feel strongly about opposing Kendall’s activities, especially about her broadcasting them on social media, you can sign the petition that almost 200,000 people worldwide have signed to keep Kendall’s photos off of Facebook.

Allison Beauregard

Allison is a New York City based writer with a focus on sustainability. Her work demonstrates how it is possible to have the “things” that make us happy without compromising the resources that provide these goods. With this vision, Allison sees a future where environmental degradation is reversed and the quality of human life is equally distributed. She is the Category Editor of The Franklin Report and was among the top 5 contributors for Elephant Journal in October 2014.

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