Guest Post: 10 Myths About Vegans

Chef Russell Doctrove helps clear up some confusion about the vegan lifestyle

In a world where people are moving towards all different types of eating styles, plenty of information is misconstrued. Some individuals are vegans, others are vegetarians and still others eat only foods that are 100 percent organic. Dispelling myths about vegans is important for living in a community of people who understand each other.

1. They Are Always Hungry

Some people say that vegans do not have anything to eat. In fact, since they veer away from certain foods, they actually may be introduced to more unique and creative recipes than the general public.

2. They Eat Only Raw Food

One common misconception is that vegans eat only raw food. However, vegans eat plenty of cooked products. People who do not consume cooked foods, they are following a raw diet, not a vegan diet.

3. They Don’t Use Any Animal Products

While this statement is true for a number of vegans, it’s not always the case. Some people turn to a vegan diet for their own personal health reasons or because they have bodily problems with certain foods. A vegan lifestyle, however, is 100% cruelty free.

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4. They Miss out on Fun Meals

There is a presumption that says vegans can’t go out to brunch with the girls or have drinks with their spouses on the weekends. However, plenty of options exist for a healthy brunch, a delicious dessert or a relaxing beverage.

5. They Spend Too Much Money

People who are not well-versed in the field of veganism might overspend when they first change their diets. Once they get the hang of it, though, they will see that plenty of foods are inexpensive, and they can find coupons just like anyone else.

6. They Don’t Care about Other Lifestyles

Just as Fish & Meat wants to share information about farm to table restaurants and other healthy living eating habits, your vegan friends are likely interested in learning about your personal choices too.

7. They Are Always Judging You

Do you feel as though your vegan friends are always judging the decisions that you make? While this may be true for some individuals, most are likely more concerned with their own choices than the ones that you are making.

8. A Vegan Diet is Unhealthy

Any diet has the potential to be unhealthy; it’s all about the specific foods that you choose to eat. Working with your doctor and your dietician can help you to find a plan that makes sense for your values and your health.

9. Plants Can Be in Pain Too

Some say that plants feel pain, so they do not understand why vegans eat them. No scientific evidence shows that this is true, so vegans are not being hypocritical.

10. Vegans Don’t Care about People

Vegans do care about people; they care about the health of people and how people can help animals to live fuller and longer lives.

Many myths do exist about vegans, and learning why these are not true can help you to have a better understanding of what these individuals stand for.

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About the Author: Russell Doctrove is one of the most-talented chefs in Hong Kong. He has worked his way to move up to the higher echelon of his profession. Currently, he is the Head Chef at Fish & Meat, a highly-regarded restaurant in Hong Kong known for its versatility in dishes. With the help of Doctrove’s guidance, the customers of Fish & Meat enjoy a wide variety of food, like seafood, pastas, and a lot more.

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