Here are some of my favourite healthy drinks for the summer 🙂

DRINK ONE: Watermelon Slushy

-Watermelon (however much you want)
-A few fresh mint leaves
-A handful of ice (I use 6-8 usually)

DRINK TWO: Cool cucumber, pineapple and coconut water slushy

-One young thai coconut (or 1-2 cups of coconut water)
-A few chunks of pineapple (depending on how sweet you want it)
-1/4 of a cucumber
-Handful of ice

DRINK THREE: Berry infused herbal Icetea

-Herbal tea of your choice
-Frozen berries/fruit

** I don’t really use measurements when making smoothies/ drinks.. I just throw things in the blender and see how it turns out & tweak it. Experiment with these recipes and find what works best for you! **

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YouTube sensation Sarah Nagel provides how-to's on everything from vegan recipes to homemade beauty remedies. Keeping in mind the symbiotic relationship between human and environmental health, Sarah's videos provide insight into living a long, luxurious life - the all-natural way.

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