How I Found Healthy Weight Loss

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What Healthy Weight Loss Really Means

Getting out here on WordPress really made me reflect on my weight loss journey of over 100lbs.  I realized that it didn’t take me that much discipline or hard work. In fact, it was pretty systematic and easy.

Was I a food addict?  You bet!  Did I have a few tough weeks with sugar and wheat withdrawals?   Hell yeah I did!  All in all though, it wasn’t that difficult.  I promise!

That means you can do it as well.  The problem is, you have been listening to weight loss advice from the wrong type of people.  People whom have either been life long health enthusiasts, people who have made health their full-time job or just plain deceptive marketing.  They have no clue how to achieve a healthy weight loss.

They talk about control and discipline all day long and try, and convince you that it’s your fault you’re overweight. It’s not.  Nobody wants to be fat.  The system is rigged.

Besides, there’s so much more to life than the way you look.  I’d rather be fat then spend my whole life worrying about calories or my next meal, but fortunately I don’t have to.  That’s not how nature intended our bodies to work.

The Truth Is: I Got Lucky!

Lucky, four leaf clover, luck, plantI had an accident where my brain stopped working correctly.  I was electrocuted pretty badly and had some weird neurological stuff go down. I suffered from bouts of sleep paralysis, depression, my short-term memory went to shit, and I even had a few non-alcohol related black-outs.

I needed to fix this problem if I wanted to participate in life right?

This lead me down the path of HEALTH and not of weight-loss!  The two are very different.  Weight loss is what you do if you need to fit into a wedding dress or get ready for a ju-jitsu tournament.  Health is what you need to live a vibrant existence.

Every credible book I read kept telling me to eat fat, specifically saturated fat from healthy animals.  This is what I needed to rebuild all the broken systems of my body.

I never counted calories, used points or worried about what I shouldn’t eat.  I wasn’t worried about losing weight.  I merely wanted my body to start functioning again.

About one year later, I woke up and didn’t recognize the person looking back at me in the mirror.

You Get Healthy to Lose Weight

I know this seems crazy because every diet book, weight watchers and local health enthusiast swears it’s about control, control and more control.  This isn’t the case.

In fact, it’s actually part of the problem.

Real Weight Gain Causes

  • Too many carbohydrates – Your body can only process about 100g of carbohydrates efficiently, and that’s a healthy body.  Otherwise, they act like a poison and slow down all the body processes.
  • Lack of movement – You don’t need to workout every day, but you should make it a habit to run your body through a full range of motion for 10 minutes every day.  This is because your lymphatic system (drainage system) only works when you move.  If you don’t move all the toxins in your body stay trapped.
  • Nutrient deficiencies – Unless you grew up eating pasture raised meat, nutrient deficiencies are extremely common.  Basically, if your body needs X amount of say B12 you will be hungry until you get X amount of B12 even if that’s 6,000 calories later.
  • Chronic negative thought patterns/ Chronic Stress – When I was obese my life was tough.  I felt like a social outcast all the time, and as a result my internal dialogue sucked.  I was way too hard on myself and your body reads this as stress…chronic stress.  In terms of evolutionary speak Chronic Stress = Famine = Gain as much weight as possible.
  • Endocrine disruption – There are many toxic compounds in our modern world that cause strange things to happen in our body’s communication system.  A text-book example is Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.  There are many ways for this to occur, but one of the most common is because of the pesticide roundup damages the female reproductive system and male hormones are created instead of female ones.

How To Fix It

  • Eat a paleo based diet – Keep your carbs under 100g a day and systematically eliminate all grains from your diet.  Grains have powerful anti-nutrients in them that slow you down.
  • Eat organic/non GMO – this will limit your exposure to compounds that are known to be toxic and ones that we just don’t know will do.
  • Move your body through a full range of motion every day.  Long walks, yoga, martial arts, weight lifting, swimming or a mobility practice can accomplish this.
  • Have a self-awareness practice – I recommend Heart Rate Variability training to assist you in getting into a meditative state.

Basically, when your stressed your heart beats at a steady rhythm.  When you’re not stressed your heart beat is all over the place. Meditation Device, emwave, heart monitor

HRV devices like the Emwave monitor your heart rate and tell you if you’re in a stressed state or not.

Over time this will teach you when you are in this state, and how to get out of it.

You can pick one up here: EmWave2



If you apply these principles to your life, you will begin to retake control over your own body.  It’s not a magic pill and won’t happen overnight, and yes everyone is different but this will happen for you.

Based on what I’ve observed, huge health turnarounds can happen in 6 month to 2 year-long time frames following these principles.

You will begin to crave the foods that are good for you.

Your thought patterns will change to those that are only self-serving.

You will experience more abundant energy and want to exercise!

Steven Waddell

After enduring a near-death experience, Steven has embarked on a journey of physical, emotional and mental recovery. A weight loss of over 100 pounds, a complete overhaul of an isolated social life, a discovery of the holistic world, and the development of a career path that celebrates it all can be found on his blog.

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