Meet Your New One-Stop Shop for a Sustainable Wardrobe

Meet Your New One-Stop Shop for a Sustainable Wardrobe

LUX & ECO is an online luxury boutique that caters to those who lead a holistic lifestyle and desire the purest, most elegant products to be sustainably and ethically made.

This sister company to TRUE Luxury Life, provides an array of high-end, eco-friendly products and services in a variety of Fashion, Health & Beauty, Lifestyle, Home & Garden, Pets, Electronic, Gourmet Food, Library, and Vintage departments.

LUX & ECO brands are hand selected for their commitment to the environment and high ethical standards. In addition to our regular retail component, our website runs exclusive promotional sales for high-end eco brands on a private, timed basis.

We are especially proud of our Our Shop To Give initiative which donates 10% of our net profit to our charitable partners when purchases are made under their boutique. Our Shop to Give initiative includes exclusive boutiques for hand selected charities that celebrate our company’s culture. Our buyers have curated products to be carried in these boutiques to honor the efforts and mission of the particular charity.

Some of the charitable partners include:
The UN’s Girl Up Foundation
The Rainforest Foundation
The Blind Project
Global Green U.S.A
Falling Whistles

The eco industry has come a long way and has established itself in the mainstream shopping experience. We are thrilled to provide a luxury store that caters to all consumer’s desires to live a better life and make a contribution.Jacquelyn Willard


True Luxury Life is a blog about pioneering the sustainable luxury fashion movement, attaining an organic lifestyle, and brainstorming holistic solutions to the world’s key issues. We believe that TRUE luxury is defined by the thought, craftsmanship, ethics, and contribution that a brand makes, along with the legacy that brand leaves behind. We celebrate all designers and creators who encourage people to raise their standard in the luxury world to include thoughtfulness and compassion as one of their top priorities.

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