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I know what you’re all thinking… Steven’s favorite food is a melon?  Yep, that’s right.  I eat carbs just not everyday and there isn’t a more perfect way to refresh yourself on a hot summer’s day than with some watermelon.  Watermelon is a great source of antioxidants like vitamin C which can help repair UV damage.  It is loaded with potassium which is an electrolyte lost while sweating.  The most interesting attribute of watermelon that makes it the PERFECT summer time food is its lycopene concentration.

Watermelon has the highest concentration of lycopene out of any fruit or vegetable.  Lycopene is a powerful antioxidant that helps fight off cancer, but one of its lesser known and more interesting properties is lycopene’s ability to act like sunblock.  A healthy amount of watermelon has enough lycopene to act like spf 15 for a few hours!  To get the full benefit of lycopene, you should eat a little fat along with it.  My personal favorite is some macadamia nuts, but any salted nuts will do.

Lycopene also seems to be fairly light stable, so if you buy precut watermelon you should still be able to get all the nutritional benefit of lycopene.  I just like to save 5-10 bucks by buying the watermelon quarters or halves.  Also, I kind of like the looks I get from people when they see me eating a half a watermelon for lunch, with a spoon.





Steven Waddell

After enduring a near-death experience, Steven has embarked on a journey of physical, emotional and mental recovery. A weight loss of over 100 pounds, a complete overhaul of an isolated social life, a discovery of the holistic world, and the development of a career path that celebrates it all can be found on his blog.

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