My weekly ritual that changes everything

Nearly every Sunday evening for the past 7 years, I decide what 3 habits I’ll focus on in the coming week.  Then, I make sure I do those 3 things every day.  It usually takes several weeks to really make a habit stick for the long run, but this initial commitment serves 3 purposes:

  1. It gives me something to devote my enthusiastic attention to, and has me feeling proud of my progress, even through life’s ups & downs.
  2. Committing to just 1 week is a way to get started without feeling overwhelmed by the weight of “I should do this forever.
  3. By focusing on just 3 things for just 1 week, I can make adjustments to my habits from week-to-week, until I really find my groove.

Before this practice, I would write mammoth lists of all the habits I wanted to embrace, and tackle them all at once.  By Monday evening I’d be zoning out on the couch with a bag of potato chips, feeling like a miserable failure of a human being.  No worky.

The simple ritual of choosing 3 weekly habits has changed my life.

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This week’s 3 daily habits:
Early morning walks; practicing my ukulele; all solo meals at the dining table.

This week, what 3 habits will you embrace?

Here are some guidelines that may help:
* Make them daily habits.  This will help them stick.
* Each morning, set up a reminder system for each habit (an alarm on your phone, for example.)
* Tell your friends for accountability!  Have them play with you.
* Don’t set the bar so high that you feel discouraged.  Small steps add up.

—> I know this exercise is simple, but sometimes simple things make big impact. Will you join me?  In the comments below, share what 3 habits you’ll embrace this week!

Nisha Moodley

Former foodaholic, shopaholic &workaholic turned freedom junkie, fiercely dedicated to women living their most fulfilled lives. Poet. Romantic. Adventurer.

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