Natural beauty: 3 treatments that ensure you have glowing skin year round

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to follow a 10 step skincare regime to achieve glowing, healthy skin. In fact, using too many products on your skin often does more harm than good.

There are plenty of effective skin care treatments available today that provide you with glowing and clear skin, without requiring an extensive budget or product list.

In fact, we can narrow that treatment list down to three. Glowing skin year round? Now, it’s finally a possibility.

Check out our top three skincare treatment list below to find a natural skin care method for you that is both safe, non-invasive and highly effective:

1. Cold laser with microdermabrasion
Laser light therapy has been around for years but the latest skincare treatment that’s sweeping the popularity awards is the cold laser with microdermabrasion combination treatment.

The cold laser uses red and infrared light energy to stimulate collagen and elastin production, as well as tissue repair. It also activates the cellular renewal process, increases the removal of waste products from skin cells and boosts lymphatic drainage. The microdermabrasion part of the treatment helps remove impurities from the skin and restores your skin to its natural beautiful state.

The result? Significantly softer, glowing skin! As someone who gets this treatment done on a regular basis, I can’t recommend it enough. The noninvasive nature of this procedure makes this treatment feel like a spa session every single time.

2. Hydrafacial
Its name basically explains itself. Using only a hydro-tip suction brush, this skin resurfacing procedure provides your skin with major cleansing, extraction, exfoliation and hydration, all in one. It also delivers a slew of antioxidants and hyaluronic acid directly into your skin for an added skincare boost.

Both relaxing and highly effective, the hydra facial is a great way to target various skin concerns all at once, without having to worry about harsh chemicals or extensive recovery time. Simply lie back in your chair and enjoy this 5 step skin cleansing system that will purify your skin from the inside out.

3. ilā Little Body Treats on LUX & ECO
ilā products and treatments are designed to promote palpable biological and emotional change in those that experience them – both through touch and smell.

Their Little Body Treats, specifically, carries two effective ingredients: juniper berry and rose geranium. These super ingredients help nourish the skin by stimulating circulation and blood flow. Thanks to its detoxifying properties, juniper berry acts as a natural antiseptic and helps heal skin naturally. Rose Geranium, on the other hand, can significantly help fight and reduce acne, while uplifting mood.

All of the skincare lines carried on LUX & ECO are carefully chosen and vetted to only carry products that are safe for you – inside and out, making it easy to find natural skin care treatments for the eco-conscious woman who just wants healthy, glowing skin.

Aside from these fantastic natural skin care treatments, don’t forget that the old-fashioned skincare route never hurt anyone either: proper sleep, plenty of hydration and a healthy diet go a long way in maintaining a healthy complexion year round. But if you’re looking for a powerful treatment to kickstart your skin overhaul, the three skincare treatments listed above will definitely do the trick.

Lauren Martineau is a professional freelance blogger & writer, storyteller & adventurer. When Lauren’s not typing 80 wpm, she’s traveling and staying fit. You can follow Lauren on Twitter.


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