Nature Is Speaking

Do you know who spoke these famous words?

I’ve been here for eons. I’ve fed species greater than you. And I’ve starved greater species than you. My oceans, my soil, my flowing streams, my forests: They all can take you—or leave you… Your actions will determine your fate. Not mine.”

 Answer: Mother Earth.

Well, technically it was Julie Roberts. Along with a handful of other A-list celebrities, Roberts is lending her voice to Conservation International’s new series of short films called “Nature is Speaking.” Designed to go internet-viral, the clips give a voice to the voiceless – the rainforest, soil, the ocean – as these elements ironically send the message that it is not so much they who face danger in the immediate future, but us humans. The damage that we cause the environment – though harmful to nature – is really danger we are causing ourselves. Yet so many still see “the environment” as a separate entity from humanity, as a subject and not a space we coexist with. It’s a very bold, honest, and unique twist on calling for action, much different than the “love nature and it will love you back” mantra many environmentalists preach. Definitely worth checking out and sharing! In fact, for every unique use of #NatureIsSpeaking Hewlett-Packard will donat $1 to Conservation International.

Allison Beauregard

Allison is a New York City based writer with a focus on sustainability. Her work demonstrates how it is possible to have the “things” that make us happy without compromising the resources that provide these goods. With this vision, Allison sees a future where environmental degradation is reversed and the quality of human life is equally distributed. She is the Category Editor of The Franklin Report and was among the top 5 contributors for Elephant Journal in October 2014.

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