Nine Space: Artfully Crafted, Easy on the Planet

Nine Space offers eco luxury home goods such as towels, bedding and pillows for consumers who choose to live a sustainable lifestyle. Material is the number one priority and Nine Space boasts ethically collected materials from bamboo viscose to organic cotton velour. These materials make for beautiful, soft pieces that aren’t only artfully-crafted but easy on the planet. Every piece is meticulously designed to achieve the luxurious colors and prints that decorate Nine Space products.

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  • What were the main influences to create Nine Space?  Some of Nine Space influences come from traveling to various parts of Europe and Asia. This is where we noticed the beauty in pieces that are simple yet elegant.

Nine Space, pillows, decor, organic

  • What does Nine Space create? Nine Space creates items that would essentially become favorites in every home and provide the type of quality that can only be achieved with great attention to detail and care for every homeowner’s needs. Our main goal is to provide products that will last and quality that will last.
  • What’s the inspiration behind the name Nine Space? Nine is the highest single digit and is often, in many cultures, a symbol of all encompassing fulfillment or completeness. We came up with Nine Space to share a vision that through our products, we can beautifully and lovingly fill every space of a home.
  • Why is sustainability important to Nine Space? Sustainability is important to us because we feel we have a responsibility to maintain our environment and care for it the way we would want to care for our own homes.

nine space, towels, towel, organic

  • How has Nine Space’s sustainable business ethics influenced the personal lives of everyone at the company? We have learned so much from the business and through connecting with many different individuals, groups, villages, etc. Some of the things we’ve learned along the way include appreciation for all the opportunities that have come our way and the blessings that we have received. We have also been thankful for being able to hold up to the responsibilities of not only caring for our environment but also our global community, especially those less fortunate than us.
  • Favorite Nine Space piece(s)? An absolute favorite Nine Space piece would be our classic bamboo viscose sheet set which is breathable and extremely soft to touch. We have this sheet set in every bedroom in our home and it just feels great to relax on after a long day’s work.
  • Any exciting upcoming projects? Nine Space is constantly looking to stay innovative and create new products that will make only the best additions to a home.

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To purchase Nine Space sustainable home goods, visit Lux&Eco, your one-stop shop for eco-luxury products.

Carly Colonnese

Carly is a senior at the University of Michigan majoring in Communication Studies and Art and Design. She enjoys watching documentaries, practicing yoga and running. Carly is interested in marketing, fashion and sustainable business and looks forward to combining these interests in the marketplace after she graduates.

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