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I had the pleasure of interviewing Synergy Organic Clothing, a company that creates fashion forward clothing and yoga apparel for women. Always striving to be mindful and conscious in every facet of business, Synergy produces sustainable and organic fair trade clothing that lets you look and feel your best.

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  1. Why the name Synergy? Synergy was created in the spirit of adventure with the vision of being a synergy of both Eastern and Western design influences.
  2. Why is sustainability important to Synergy? Sustainability to us means making business and life choices with the Earth’s future in mind.  Kate and Henry, Synergy’s co-owners, are the parents of two beautiful children, and they are dedicated to ensuring that the natural wonders of the world they have been lucky enough to enjoy remain in great condition for their children.synergy, yoga, yoga clothing, yogi, exercise
  3. How has traveling influenced business-related practices? Exploring natural beauties around the world while traveling has been central to our commitment to sustainable business practices.  We have seen first-hand the natural wonders our Earth has to offer and we have unfortunately also seen how irresponsible business practices can damage these unique, exquisite places.  This is why we are dedicated to treading as lightly as possible on our glorious planet and leaving the smallest footprint we can.  Traveling to Nepal, where are clothing is manufactured, has also impacted the way we do business.  Our co-owners Kate and Henry visit Nepal with their family at least once a year to check on our manufacturing processes and visit our Synergy family in Nepal.  This hands-on technique ensures that our employees work in the highest quality environments possible and earn living wages.  Treating all of our employees fairly and respectfully is also central to Synergy’s business practices.
  4. How did you become drawn to creating a completely organic fashion brand? Organic translates into earth-friendly, and this is really what drew us to creating a completely organic fashion brand.  Sadly we live in a world where people often do not seriously consider how their purchases impact the Earth.  They don’t realize that everything from the food they eat to the clothes they wear leaves some kind of mark.  We wanted to create a brand that fused eco-friendly with effortless style to give customers a line of products they can truly feel good about buying and wearing.
  5. Your organic designs boast sustainability— did you have to alter your lifestyle to mimic the business ethics of Synergy? To be honest we didn’t have to change much.  Living sustainably has always been central to the lives of co-owners Kate and Henry, which is why Synergy was such a natural growth of their relationship.  They have always eaten organic foods and been conscious of how the choices they make in their daily lives impact the Earth.  They have raised their children with the same dedication to protecting our planet living mindfully.  This is a great question that we haven’t really thought of too much because living sustainably is really just in the fabric of what Synergy is!synergy, yoga, organic, yoga clothes, yogi
  6. Favorite Synergy product(s)? This season some of our favorites are the Moxi dress, the Mulberry Jacket, the Karina dress, and of course our brand new, totally reworked yoga line (you’ve got to check it out!).
  7. Are there any other projects that you are working on? Right now we are focusing on growing our business in a sustainable way.  As we get larger it is important for us to stay connected to our roots and true to our mission.  We are also working on collaborating with like-minded brands in order to develop a conscious community of companies and people who share our mission adhere to responsible business practices.synergy, yoga, yogi, yoga clothing

To get your hands on some of Synergy’s beautiful organic clothing, please visit our sister site Lux & Eco. Lux & Eco specializes in providing a steady access to a luxury eco-conscious lifestyle by offering a plethora of sustainable luxury goods.


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