The Best DIY Energy-Based Home Sustainability Projects

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These days, it’s as important as ever to be eco-friendly and reduce, reuse, and recycle. There are many different ways, big and small, you can do your part — such as using tote bags for grocery shopping and saying no to plastic water bottles. But if you are creative and are thinking of ways you can make an impact on a larger scale, there are plenty of tips and tutorials to be found.

One great way to help is to find ways to conserve energy, or, if you are particularly crafty, you can create your own. Here are some of the best things you can build at your own home that will help you save energy and cut costs.

Make your own battery:

You may have seen people do this in movies and on TV and thought it was just something a Hollywood writer dreamed up, but you can actually make your own battery with surprisingly few items. Check out this tutorial on how to create one using water power which could help charge your smartphone.

Build your own lawnmower:

If you are especially mechanical, you can convert your gas-powered mower into a sustainable, solar-powered one. No more smelly gasoline to worry about refilling every time you mow! You can find out all about it here.

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If your house isn’t well insulated, you may be unnecessarily spending big bucks on heating and cooling bills. A simple fix is to caulk around all windows (you can try removable caulk if you only want to use it for wintertime) to seal up tiny cracks, which can let a huge amount of heat or cool air escape. Add weather stripping to doors that have wide gaps. Instead of replacing windows, which can be costly, add a film that blocks heat in the summer months and keeps it from escaping during the colder ones.

Use the sun to heat your pool:

Swimming pools are wonderful things to have during the hottest months, but they can be very expensive to keep up. Ensuring that the water is the right temperature can make your energy costs skyrocket, so it might be a good idea to check out solar covers that will do the hard work for you.

Create a wind-turbine:

The sun isn’t the only powerful natural element that can be harnessed. You can actually build your own small wind turbine to operate small tools or to power outdoor lights. You can find several options here.

Going green doesn’t have to be costly or take too much time. In fact, many of these projects can be done in a weekend or less, and when you’re done, you’ll have a home that you’ll be proud of that will work for you on many levels.

Paul Denikin began learning the ins and outs of DIY home repair while making his home better fit and more accessible for his daughter, Maggie, who has special needs. Paul wants to continue to help special needs parents like himself and offer them a source of ideas. And that’s why he created DadKnowsDIY, a website that offers home improvement project how-tos and other accessibility information. When Paul isn’t being handy around the house, he likes to take Maggie to the movies on the weekends.


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