The best now.

Just recently when I was talking with my mom, I asked, “Mom, does it feel like a long time since I was born?” The question was genuine.

In some ways, life can move quickly…
years pass,
hearts mend,
careers change,
children grow.

In some ways, life can move slowly…
chocolate melting on the tongue,
brunch stretching into the afternoon,
a deep kiss lasting a thousand years,
a conversation that stops time and changes everything.

Embracing this paradox, consider how you want to spend this week…
Who needs to hear you say “I love you”?
What can you do that will feel truly meaningful?
How can you sink more deeply into each moment?

Life moves quickly.
Savor it slowly.
Have the best now.

Nisha Moodley

Former foodaholic, shopaholic &workaholic turned freedom junkie, fiercely dedicated to women living their most fulfilled lives. Poet. Romantic. Adventurer.

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