The Best of the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit

This month the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit will bring together influential stakeholders to discuss major issues regarding sustainability in the beauty industry. The North American summit will be held in New York from May 12-14, as one of four international gatherings hosted annually since 2009.

The Sustainable Cosmetics Summit is the only summit to have senior business executives in regular attendance. The stakeholders include cosmetic retailers, distributors, manufacturers, industry and certification organizations, researchers and investors.

The summit is organized by Organic Monitor, a London-based specialist company that focuses on training, research and consulting with global organizations on the development of sustainable products. Those in attendance will look forward to the following workshops:

  • Thursday, May 12: Sustainability Metrics and Green Formulations
  • Friday, May 13: Marketing Innovations, Ethical Labels Update, Food and Cosmetics Convergence
  • Saturday, May 14: An interactive workshop on Formulating Functional Green Personal Care Products

Scientists, environmentalists and cosmetic industry leaders attend the summit to inform and learn from each other. As trends, safety and environmental concerns shift more people toward the use of green cosmetics, companies within the beauty industry strive to make quality natural projects for the public.

What Are Green Cosmetics?

Green cosmetics refer to beauty and body care products that are made from all-natural, nontoxic ingredients. More firms specializing in ingredients are striving to achieve lower environmental impacts by developing natural, raw materials.

Meanwhile, popular cosmetic brands are shifting to the use of more natural ingredients and less synthetic ingredients. Herbal constituents and their properties are being increasingly researched and studied clinically. The summit will offer information on best practices for green formulations, including anti-aging, lipstick, shower gel, deodorant, biology-based surfactants, curly hair products and processing methods centered on sustainability.

Demand for Natural Cosmetics Signals Need for Industry Adaptation

Obstacles face the western market as brands research consumer motivation to buy natural, ethical cosmetic brands. Questions of convenience, quality, cost, marketing and appeal are concerns as more and more consumers demand natural and ethically produced cosmetics. Most advertisements appear to focus on quick fixes for cosmetic issues, when consumers demand a deeper look.

What does this mean for the future of the cosmetic industry? The answer depends on how the cosmetic industry addresses various issues. Ingredient transparency is important on labeling to consumers, for example. In fact, some consumers are so frustrated they are making their own products at home. The ingredients are known to the individual since they come straight from the pantry.

More research and knowledge is vital for those in the beauty industry to act as an ally and informative supplier to the consumer. Otherwise, more and more consumers may choose to abandon products altogether.

The link between food intake and diet for beauty and well-being has been researched by nutritional experts for many years. However, it is now becoming more and more a center of focus in the beauty industry. a

How does diet influence one’s well-being and appearance? What minerals and vitamins affect the look and health of skin? The North American summit will address these questions in depth, encouraging ongoing discussions among industry leaders.

It’s vital for the beauty industry to adapt to consumer demands for natural, ethical cosmetic products if it is to survive the current shift, which is less a trend and more of a movement. Questions, discussion and research are all necessary as the shift continues. Thankfully, there are growing resources, like the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit, bringing together the right people to address the matter.

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Megan Ray Nichols is the editor of Schooled By Science. She has a passion for green living and the environment. Follow her on twitter @nicholsrmegan.

Megan Ray Nichols

Megan Ray Nichols enjoys writing about technology and various scientific topics. She is the editor of Schooled By Science. When she isn't writing, Megan loves to go hiking, fishing,and reading. On clear nights she likes to go star gazing in local parks.

  1. I’d not heard about the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit until now, thanks for posting this article. It’s great to see that the beauty industry is slowing recognising the growing demand for transparency and cosmetics routed in nature.

    Besma | Curiously Conscious

  2. Hi Besma,

    I honestly hadn’t heard of it either until I came across it while researching a different blog post. I thought it was an interesting topic and had to learn more. I’m also glad that the industry is becoming more transparent and more environmentally conscious.

    Glad you liked the article!

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