The Long Way Home

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As our readers know, one of our goals at Blindfold Magazine is to inspire people to do good through the stories of others’ journeys. A friend of ours, Ashley Autumn, is a filmmaker for Co.Mission. She shared her newest project with us and we totally loved it! Of course, we want to share this with you guys for your daily dose of inspiration.

We have provided the video, along with their description, below. Enjoy!</embed>

The Long Way Home from Co.MISSION on Vimeo.

If life were measured in steps, I fear that many would hoard them for as long as possible, going nowhere, tasting nothing. Simply being alive, but never living. Without question, there would always be an outlier of normality. Someone who would still take the long way home.

One of our content creators was hiking a volcano on a recent backpacking trip when she had an idea to illustrate what the world would look like if it were measured in steps. She wrote a script and paired it with footage she’s collected through a life of taking the long way home.

CREDITS: Harrison Winter: Executive Producer / Executive Creative Director Zack Yanger: Creative Producer Ashley Autumn Crane: Director, Writer, DP, Producer, Editor and Color Grader. Peter Batchelor – Narrator / VO Jason Hedges: Lead Actor Isaiah Josie: Child Actor Music: The Cinematic Orchestra- Arrival of the Birds & Transformation For more music by Cinematic Orchestra, check them out here:

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