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I love following other vintage blogs and when Joanna of Dividing Vintage Moments announced that she would be hosting a Sisterhood of the Traveling Vintage Dress, I was so excited to get involved. What a fun way to get to know other bloggers. The dress is set to travel though the USA, to Canada and then on to Australia. From this one beautiful vintage 1940s dress we can experience each girl’s personal take on vintage fashion.
That to me is the essence of fashion, to express one’s feelings, personality and fantasies through what we wear.”
Fashion provides the canvas for endless possibilities of creative expression, it wraps around cultures and through time, provides an escape, it entraps, inspires, empowers, it lines the world in silken sequined dreams of endless possibilities. Through out history, fashion has been powerfully used to control, to liberate, to oppress and to break free. The human need to express one’s self through clothing has and always will be one of the most intricate parts of the fabric of human culture.
I take all my own pictures (Photography Laura Okita)
One of my favorite times in fashion history was the late 1940s. With photographers such as Richard Avedon, Irving Penn, Henry Clarke and Norman Parkinson, Dior’s the new look and the rise of publicity in fashion, the late 40s fill our imaginations with visions of black and white, femininity and couture. While I rarely do a full head to toe look in one era, I wanted my turn with the dress to relate to this feeling, and I wanted to show a little bit of NYC. These pictures were taken just around the corner from Irving Penn’s photography studio on Fifth Avenue. Every time I walk by it, I get the chills and imagine all that must have transpired there. I dont know where this dress once lived, but I wanted to give it a glimpse of New York during it’s time.
Here are the amazing ladies who have so wonderfully worn the dress so far:

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Laura Okita is a vintage fashion designer, photographer and vintage editorial blogger living in Brooklyn, NY, and model for over 10 years in New York, Europe and Japan. "I am mostly self taught using vintage sewing patterns. I create all my garment patterns and sew all my designs. I specialize in luxury fabrics and hand beading and embroidery, and occasionally create my own prints for fabrics. I take most of my own pictures and videos, working in both film and digital. As a model, I always try to bring the clothing to life. Every garment has its own story that it wants to tell. When I step into a dress, I step into being that girl."

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