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About Marine Megafauna Foundation
MMF specifically focuses on the research and conservation of threatened  marine megafauna species. ‘Marine Megafauna’ are large marine species  such as sharks, rays, marine mammals and turtles. These animals are key  components of marine ecosystems but, as they are long-lived and have low  reproductive rates, their populations are usually the first to be  reduced by human pressures. Fortunately, they are also amongst the most  charismatic animals on the planet and engender a high degree of public  interest in their biology and conservation, making them useful  ambassadors for the whole marine environment.

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These pampering bath salts are a light in the dark for those in need of greater serenity. Himalayan salt crystals are rich in ionic minerals and trace minerals for easy absorption. These promote well-being and restore and strengthen the bio-energy field, and also soften and nourish the skin. Sandalwood is meditative and soothing to the nervous system. Jasmine is deeply relaxing yet uplifting to the whole system and beneficial for the treatment of eczema and psoriasis. Imbued with rich healing minerals, these bath salts restore balance to body and mind, strengthen wellbeing and revealing skin’s soft youthful glow.


Our ocean terry fouta towel is a must-have that reflects the subtle beauty of the Mediterranean shore. Inspired by the hues of the sunset skies, deep sea blues and glistening white foam of the waves, this fouta will make you long for the cool waters of the ocean. One side features a smooth woven Turkish cotton that repels sand, and the reverse side is lined with a heavier weight terry cotton that brings extra softness and absorbency. Generously sized, this fouta is luxuriously large enough for two people.


True Luxury Life is a blog about pioneering the sustainable luxury fashion movement, attaining an organic lifestyle, and brainstorming holistic solutions to the world’s key issues. We believe that TRUE luxury is defined by the thought, craftsmanship, ethics, and contribution that a brand makes, along with the legacy that brand leaves behind. We celebrate all designers and creators who encourage people to raise their standard in the luxury world to include thoughtfulness and compassion as one of their top priorities.

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