Top 7 Picks from Indie Beauty Expo NYC 2017

I have had the pleasure of attending the Indie Beauty Expo (IBe) since their very first event 3 years ago and I am more and more impressed every year to see the growth and quality of products presented. Indie Beauty Expo has become one of the biggest and most prestigious events for independent beauty brands all over the world, many of which specialize in being eco-friendly, non-toxic and sustainably sourced. This makes IBe the perfect place for me to scout for new eco-luxe brands to carry on LUX & ECO.

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As a buyer, I am overwhelmed by the amount of amazing and beautifully packaged beauty products I have met and learned about in my years working at LUX & ECO and blogging about “green” beauty. It is so rewarding being a part of an industry that was almost unheard of by many who were not directly involved themselves. On the other hand, it proves to be a huge challenge to narrow it down and bring you only what is truly “the finest in conscious living” on our site in terms of quality, branding, ingredients, sustainability, and the team behind the brands.

Here are my favorite picks from this year’s show:

Averr Aglow (formally Hello Aglow) – As someone who has been very open with my struggles with acne, I am always happy to see a that there are eco brands catering to those who are still struggling themselves. What I like about this brand (besides their Insta-worthy packaging) is that they have every step you need to achieve clear skin a cleanser, toner, clarifying and hydrating spray, nourishing cream and mask made with real pink clay. While many brands cut costs by mixing red and white clay to call it “pink clay” this brand uses on the real deal from France and it works! It was the first product I used when I got home to help heal my breakouts.

Vital Proteins – There’s a lot of talk about collagen these days and it’s no wonder why when the benefits can be stronger and healthier skin, nails and hair in addition to healing the gut, supporting joint health and energy. And crazy high in protein per serving too! This brand has a line of beef and marine based collagen powders and other supplements that come in a variety of flavors like the new lavender & lemon marine collagen formula I sampled at their booth. Definitely a tasty addition to your water, ladies.

Skinkick – For all of us that used Proactive back in our teens (before we knew better) because it was the popular, inexpensive option that promised results during every commercial break, rejoice! There is an improved, all-natural and much safer alternative on the market for those who are still suffering from acne themselves or those with teens who can only commit to a simple 2-step routine. The ingredients are outstanding in both the cleanser and the blemish lotion.

Cleo & Coco – I had just gotten my sample of Cleo & Coco’s natural detox deodorant two days before IBe so I was actually wearing this product under my arms at the show. I have to say, I love it because – put simply – it works. No skin irritation, no body order, no sweaty feeling. What more could you ask for?

Ayuna – This is another brand that I already had samples from as the founder was kind enough to send me her entire product line to experience it for myself, months before the expo. Every ingredient has been carefully selected to benefit all skin types and smells relaxing every morning and night I’ve used it. I apply the bar cleanser with a makeup brush for a rich lather and let it sit for a few minutes and apply either the Balm (volcanic ash mask) or Essence (exfoliating cream peel) most nights before bed and end with either Cream I or Cream II. Their booth was offering relaxing facials to attendees (that’s “research for work” – right??) but I’m lucky enough to give myself Ayuna facials at home.

DOPE Naturally – Internal beauty is starting to become popular because people are finally starting to realize the importance of putting “beautifying foods” in your body to give your skin the best chance for reaching its optimal beauty. Dope up naturally with ingredients
like watermelon seeds, beets, dragon fruit and strawberries in their Melonaide formula.

Au Naturale Cosmetics – Sometimes it can be a challenge to find an eco approved dupe for products we love, while foundations and lip color are easier to find, finding certain things can be more difficult like color correctors in shades like mint green and lavender. In addition, highlighter is the trendy must-have item that is “in” right now to add a touch (or more) of sparkle to the cheek bones, Cupid’s bow, and eye brow bridge. With just one swipe I was in love with their highlighter, with two I was ready to party and with three, I was ready to give NYC drag queens a run for their money! This build-able shine for any occasion means you can have fewer products taking up space in your “office to date night” make up bag to weigh you down.

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Lisa Sheremet

My name is Lisa Sheremet and I am incredibly passionate about wellness, holistic health and beauty. As a model, I struggled with terrible acne and maintaining good overall health which effected my life for years. The more I learned about holistic wellness and applied it to my life, the better I felt! I knew I had to share this knowledge that I’ve acquired over the years with others with the hope it will change your life as much as it has mine. Today, I am the beauty & wellness buyer of Lux & Eco, an online boutique for “the finest in conscious living.”

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