Traveling this summer? Top tips for staying sexy on vacation


Hi Sweet Friends,

As a world traveler, I too have returned from vacation having to lunge and stretch my way back into my skinny jeans. Keeping your current figure (or better yet – losing weight on vacation) is challenging. I get it.  However, when we begin to look at wellness as a lifestyle, even while traveling, you can come back feeling refreshed, healthy, and happy. Here is a list of the top 11 things to try on your next adventure – trust me, they will make all difference in the world.

1.  Leave your heels at home.

The more comfortable your shoes are, the more willing you are to walk. Decide to walk to see the sites instead of taking local transportation or a taxi. All of the extra steps make a huge difference when it comes to burning off the glorious food you will be eating. Not to mention the fact that you will see more of the details of these area, and you will get more of a feel for the culture.

2.  Research healthy places before you get on the plane.

Check out some healthy options and restaurants in your destination before you leave town. As much as you want to participate in eating all the rich local food, consider all that you might learn by hitting a local juice bar, health food store, or local market. You might come home with some new ideas to improve your overall wellness lifestyle.

3.  Hide the hotel snacks.

As soon as I get to the hotel, I hide the snacks they provide and head to the local market. Buying fruits and veggies to eat throughout the day and at night when you return to your room is very important for maintaining your weight on vacation. There are often lots of nuts and dried fruit items to choose from instead of packaged items that sit in hotel rooms for days.

4.  Guzzle lots of water.

I always take a glass water bottle and portable filter with me – even on vacation – and refill them as often as possible. As always, your water consumption is very important. It is very easy to get dehydrated on vacation and start reaching for unhealthy foods.

5.  Skip the plane food altogether.

Plane food is processed and horrible for you. It tends to be packed with salt, so you will feel bloated even by the time you land. Pack some healthy snacks if it is going to be a long flight. It is worth the extra effort to mix up powdered green drink or munch on a cold-pressed superfood bar instead of eating the food they provide.  Save the calories for something healthy when you land.


6.  Join the locals for a workout session.

I absolutely love joining local exercise classes, especially in foreign countries. It is a beautiful opportunity to embrace a new culture while burning extra calories.

7.  Ask lots of questions.

I love using my translator app and asking lots of questions about what is in my food. Not being shy is important and can help you make good choices about which dishes to pick! You might be surprised at the alternatives when you know what is out there.

8.  Pack all of your “feel good” items.

Take your organic lifestyle products with you! I always pack my Aloha Daily Good, doTERRA essential oils, incenses, Pangea Organic skincare products, yoga mat…etc.  It is nice getting free products at hotels, but keeping your body chemical free and energetically balanced is very important for maintaining a healthy weight.

  1. Skip the “When in Rome” mentality.

It is so easy to throw out your wellness lifestyle and declare “When in Rome.”  However, this tends to be highly caloric and unhealthy. It is important to make decisions just like you would at home. If you know “bread and butter” causes overnight weight gain, it isn’t going to be any different when you are on vacation.  Balance is so very important, even while traveling.

10.  Share at the dinner table.

I love sharing food at the dinner table while on vacation. Have dinner with people who love taste-testing and sampling as well so you can experience many different tastes of the region but in smaller portions. Tapas are a great option, as is ordering just appetizers and splitting them.

  1. Disregard the “I Will Never be Here Again” mentality.

This type of mentality tends to cause individuals to overindulge just because it is triggering a feeling that you will never have this type of food again. This is the same mentality that causes diets not to work because you feel like you will be deprived of “something” great down the road. Enjoying food and living in balance is an entire lifestyle process. You will eat delicious food again… I promise!

Following these simple steps will ensure you feel your best when you arrive home from any vacation, and it won’t be as difficult to get back on your wellness routine.

To lots of beautiful vacations ahead,


Sarah Anne


Sarah Anne Stewart

Sarah Anne coaches, writes, speaks and teaches. But most importantly she introduces individuals to the world of WELLNESS. Translation? She helps inspiring wellness warriors kick failure to the curb so they can embrace health, discover happiness, claim their badass dreams, and live their BEST possible life.

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