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Maybe you’re a jet setter about to touch down at JFK. Or maybe you just need to get out of the house, but not necessarily out of the city. Either way, I suggest you book your next overnight (or weekend getaway) at NYC’s Crosby Street Hotel, located along the cobblestone streets of SoHo. I’ve peaked into the lobby a few times while in the neighborhood and could tell right away that this trendy, friendly, dog-decorated establishment would be a winner in my book. But the energy – the green energy – that keeps the Crosby running is what really won me over. So I requested a tour.

Crosby Lobby

Again, from a cosmetic standpoint, the Crosby takes the cake for unique chic. I was shown several rooms, no one exactly the same, but instead each with its own decorative theme and color scheme. Purple bedspreads, yellow upholstered headboards, painted wire chandleiers, floor-to-ceiling window walls, fresh hycinths, and swanky terrariums – each space felt like a bedroom, not a uniform hotel suite. But natural light and open space are merely the surface of what keeps the Crosby green. Here’s what I learned on my tour.

Crosby Suite

It’s Gold LEED Certified. Once a parking lot – a blacktop encouraging automotive transportation – the Crosby now represents a structure that not only saves energy, but generates it. All building materials are from local sources, the plumbing is designed for minimal consumption, and energy practices, like fresh outside air filtrated indoors, are both efficient and environmentally safe when emitted. Green roofs provide both aesthetic and air quality benefits. Waste management and housekeeping follow green practices, including a rigorous recycling program.

Crosby Patio

There are chickens. The rooftop garden, flourishing with seasonal fruits and vegetables, is also home to several egg-laying Araucana chickens, complete with a coop. The hotel’s head chef Anthony Paris harvests the garden’s edibles and uses them in the fresh cuisine served at the Crosby Bar & Terrace restaurant. Talk about free range.

Crosby Roof Garden

It’s a woodland sanctuary. From the Meadow Suite’s 50-flower variety garden to the restaurant’s stunning patio built around – decoratively and literally – an apple tree, the Crosby is an escape back to nature even in the bustle of Manhattan.

The Meadow

Plus, with a gym, movie theatre-sized screening room, and afternoon tea, the Crosby surpasses its competition with exclusive amenities. So take a vacation, or for some, a kind of “staycation” and enjoy your own experience at this eco-friendly hospitality hotspot. Because once again a business is making the elite life an efficient one as well. The Crosby and its guests can sleep soundly tonight.

Crosby Street View

Allison Beauregard

Allison is a New York City based writer with a focus on sustainability. Her work demonstrates how it is possible to have the “things” that make us happy without compromising the resources that provide these goods. With this vision, Allison sees a future where environmental degradation is reversed and the quality of human life is equally distributed. She is the Category Editor of The Franklin Report and was among the top 5 contributors for Elephant Journal in October 2014.

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